Stormy Daniels cancels strip club performance because of the alleged verbal abuse against her assistant


The adult film star, who is rumored to have had an affair with the President of the United States, had been set to appear in the Goldfinger strip club in Sunrise, Florida, on December 8. However, Daniels decided to cancel the performance, because her assistant, allegedly, was subjected to a homophobic verbal abuse from the club owner. “I will NOT be performing at Goldfingers tonight because the owner called my assistant a ‘f**king faggot’ after asking me to do something not in my contract. That kind of abuse will not be tolerated. Now they are saying I no showed. Clearly you can see from this photo that is NOT the case,” she wrote on her social media account, emphasizing that no person should expect her to treat them nicely if they are a bully. Fans showed their support for the star’s stance on social media. The club representatives refuse to comment the incident.


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