Donald Trump has nothing against trans militants as long as they are in closet


Donald Trump’s administration has argued in court that transgender people can server in the US army if they want to, but there is one condition – they should hide that they are trans and use their birth name and gender pronouns. In the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit on December 10 Department of Justice Attorney Brinton Lucas told judges that the ban didn’t apply to all current or potential troops who identify as trans, only to those who are seeking transition while serving. A judge asked the attorney: “But under the Mattis policy, they would have to identify with their biological sex to remain in the military, right?” Lucas’ respond was affirmative. “But don’t they have to suppress the very nature of their transgender condition to do that?” the judge wondered. To this the attorney replied that there are non binary and gender fluid people under the trans umbrella and they are notr seeking transition. In fact, sometimes they are, but the attorney is probably unaware of it.


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