Lesbian couple shared a secret of keeping love after three decades together


Lesbian couple Gaby Charing and Liz Day have been together for over 30 years and they still think that meeting each other in a cold winter of 1984 is the best thing that could ever happen to them. “The truth is that we’ve never, ever, in 33 years had one of those terrible rows which makes you feel: ‘Oh my god, there’s a kind of fault line running through this relationship,’” Gaby said, adding that she and Liz have never quarreled seriously. Gabi thought Liz was straight and flirting with her would be hopeless and senseless. She eventually discovered Liz was not straight after all and they began dating, counting the start of their relationship as when they introduced each other to their friends. They moved together and called each other wives, because the only reason why they were not wives officially was law. “With young people, often, they feel they need to be with one another all the time, particularly teenagers,” Liz said. Gaby added: “Yeah, I know about all that clinging to someone, clinging, and it’s fatal. You have to have space and trust one another with that space. The other thing of course is health. You know, in sickness and in health. We both now, particularly me, have major health problems and that’s a real, real challenge. It has been very difficult the past five years and I’ve trusted Liz to stick by me at times when I have been very, very ill.”


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