LGBT Mongolians ask for a hug


The social experiment in Ulaanbaatar found the public were more welcoming of a lesbian than a gay mam. Surprisingly, they were also ready to accept a trans man. These three brave people were a part of the social experiment by the LGBT Center of Mongolia, aimed to find out whether the citizens of this Asian country are ready to show love to their queer compatriots, even though the LGBT rights rates in Mongolia are very poor. One gay man, one lesbian, and one trans man took part in the activity. They each stood with a sign stating their gender identity or sexuality at a busy intersection for 30 minutes. Homosexuality is not a crime in Mongolia, anti-LGBT discrimination is legally banned, but most people have very conservative views on this issue. There were many negative comments including death threats, but some of people who passed by turned out to have LGBT-supportive attitudes. But, according to Ganbaatar, the reality for LGBTI Mongolians is still harsh. Police do not take hate crimes against LGBTI people seriously. Attacks, therefore, often go unpunished, he said. Media and politicians often ridicule the community. There are not many out LGBTI personalities in the country.


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