Pro golfer Mel Reid is a lesbian and proud


The 31 year old, who has won the Ladies European Tour six times, said she is gay in an interview with Athlete Ally, the campaign for LGBT inclusion in sport, that has recently appointed Reid as an ambassador. Reid said that she remained in closet because she was afraid that coming out might have damaged her career. But then she understood that there is no need to treasure something so much if it does not let you be the way you really are. “There is only one of you in the world and you have one life, so be the best version of yourself and be proud of who you are. That’s when you attract the right people around you to make you better, and ultimately, happier,” she added.Going on she shared that she has an experience of playing in the countries where people can be imprisoned or even killed for being gay, and it deeply saddens her. But in general her sport community has always been supportive and no, coming out did not affect her career, that is why she tells people to have no fear and to be proud of their true selves!


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