Tom Daley and Dustin Lance Black will let their son meet a woman he is biologically related to


The American filmmaker said that becoming legal parents for their son Robbie Ray was a huge problem for him and his British husband because the UK has a poor legal basis for it. As for the surrogate and the egg donor, Lance expressed extreme gratefulness to both, claiming that without them he and his husband would have never known what it means to hold this tiny adorable creature who now means more than the whole life for them. Black added that Robbie Ray will know the egg donor because he is biologically connected to her and he carries her DNA, so the family will continue relationships with her and even try to make them closer. Lance also denied the accusations of taking a child away from his mother – he never wanted to and that is why he and Tom chose commercial surrogacy, meaning an official contract with the clinic which finds a donor and a surrogate, and in this case a child is not biologically related to a woman who carries and bears him or her. Altruistic surrogacy, when a woman promises to carry a child for another family (often without confirming it legally) is cruel towards the child, towards the mother and towards the potential parents who can be easily fooled, they believe.


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