Two male WWI soldiers buried together inspired a writer on a gay love story


The names of Emil Mueller and Xaver Sumer are painted next to one another on a single tombstone in the cemetery of a city in Romania. The town is already a tourist hotspot for being the birthplace of the 15th century Romanian military commander Vlad Dracula ‘The Impaler’ Tepes, the real-life basis of the fictional interpretation of Dracula as a vampire. But the viral Twitter thread by a Madrid-based author may soon turn the medieval town into a travel spot for gay couples who seek romantic impressions. Guillem Clua, who describes himself as a dramaturgist, screenwriter and director, spotted Emil and Xaver’s grave while visiting the country in November, photographed it and reimagined it into gay love story. The first post in the viral thread, written in Spanish, is dated November 22. The story continues over nearly 200 posts, including GIFs, videos and pictures, contributing to the realistic feel and pace of the narration. Just like a gripping TV show, Clua’s story stops on cliffhangers before starting again the following day—Clua finally reached the tale’s conclusion on December 3.


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