Church of England demands respect to trans people and their chosen names


The Church of England has issued new guidelines on celebrating trans people being baptized in the Church of England by their chosen names.The document, titled “Pastoral Guidance for use in conjunction with the Affirmation of Baptismal Faith in the context of gender transition,” was approved by the House of Bishops and published on December 11 on the Church of England’s website. Later it is going to be added to the Common Worship.The new guidelines state the Church of England’s “unconditional affirmation of trans people” and advise ministers to “respond sensitively and creatively to the person’s circumstances,” reminding the clergy to recognize and respect the way people identify and represent themselves.The guidance, that in part demands to respect the term ‘transgender’ itself, reads: “Trans people are as diverse as any other social group and ministers should avoid stereotyping. It is appropriate, however, to identify the preference of a transgender person in respect of their name and gendered (or other) pronouns”


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