Israeli gay parents won a battle to be signed as child’s parents


Israel’s Supreme Court has ruled in favor of a gay couple who alleged discrimination when the registry office refused to sign them both in their child’s birth certificate as parents because they were both men. If a child was adopted by heterosexual parents, they would be signed in a birth certificate with no issue. So, the men considered the law discriminatory and started a legal battle. The petition, filed by the gay parents with the support of the LGBT+ organisation the Aguda, claimed that the difference in the birth certificate immediately identifies the child as being adopted, as well as complicating procedures that need a birth certificate. As a conclusion the court ruled that the two men should have been legally recognized as parents and stated in their adopted child’s birth certificate. “The principle of the child’s welfare supports registering his full family unit and doesn’t permit making do with registering one of the parents on the birth certificate while excluding the other and undermining his right to parenthood, given the contrast in the treatment of a child adopted by a heterosexual couple, who is entitled to have both his adoptive parents registered on the birth certificate—a contrast that affects both the child and the parents,” Justice Neal Hendel wrote in the verdict, quoted in Israeli newspaper Haaretz.


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