Right-wing pundit is under fire for likening being gay to being conservative


Right-wing political commentator Gayle Trotter has prompted a viral Twitter storm after asking: “Is ‘conservative’ the new ‘gay?’”The professional lawyer asked this question above a link to an article by Chad Felix Greene on US news site The Federalist with the headline: “The stigma against my conservative politics is worse than the stigma of being gay.” No wonder that she was immediately called out for it. People ripped into Trotter’s question, which reflected the piece’s message that taking on conservative beliefs meant being “a marginalized voice, suppressed and dehumanized,” recalling that this is what many conservatives do to gay people, so calling conservatives new gays is the same as calling Nazis new Jews. Well, maybe not so radical, because there are conservatives among gay people or gay people among conservatives. But still, likening two things that are often viewed as an opposition is not right.


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