Trans-themed theater play causes outrage in Brazil


The Gospel According to Jesus, Queen of Heaven, a play which stars a trans Jesus, has been targeted with “horrible death threats” as it comes to Brazil. Created by trans playwright Jo Clifford, the one-actor play is a fictional story, imagining what could happen if Jesus’ second incarnation was a transgender woman. The haters of the play even wrote a letter to the church demanding to block it (though it is totally fictional and it does not position itself as a religious doctrine, so it is not the church’s issue). Clifford, who first performed the production in 2009, told BBC Scotland that everyone working on the show had “really suffered,” adding that “they’ve all received horrible death threats.” Clifford said that despite the backlash, the trans Jesus play—which has been performed 140 times to audiences all over Brazil, was taken really warmly by trans Brazilians, to whom it was devoted.


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