A new film about the life of gay photographer Robert Mapplethorpe comes soon


A trailer has been released for the biopic on gay photographer Robert Mapplethorpe’s life. The photographer became famous for the BDSM-style photographs to depict the BDSM part of the gay subculture of New York City in 1960-70s. Mapplethorpe’s photography sparked a national debate over the public funding of homoerotic artwork. However, it was not the only field of photography he worked in, he is known for the pictures of different genres – from portraits of celebrities to flowers. The photographer had dated author Jack Fritscher and also had a 15 year relationship with Sam Wagstaff, an art curator. Mapplethorpe and Wagstaff remained together until the art curator died from pneumonia caused by AIDS in 1987. In 1989, Mapplethorpe passed away from AIDS-related complications. The Mapplethorpe biopic, set to be released on March 1 in the USA, is directed by Ondi Timoner and starring Matt Smith, who is known fro the role of the 11th incarnation of Doctor Who.


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