Bermuda seeks opportunities to ban same-sex marriages for the third time


Bermuda’s government has appealed to a high court in London to uphold a law according to which same-sex marriage would be forbidden in this territory again. The appeal, filed on Thursday (December 13), seeks to enforce the same-sex marriage ban, which had been challenged by local courts on Bermuda, reports Reuters. Bermuda has repealed the ban on same-sex marriages just a month ago. Following the November 23 decision, Bermuda’s government is appealing to the Privy Council, which is the highest court of appeal for British territories.The government said in a statement on Thursday that taking the Constitution into consideration and applying them is their primary task. “This is a cynical, bigoted, hypocritical attack on the rights and freedoms of others,” Tony Brannon, a gay rights campaigner in Bermuda, told Reuters, emphasizing that it is important to keep the marriage equality because it might create a legal precedent for the rest of the overseas territories


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