Courtney Act spoke out against the F-slur line in Fairytale of New York


The drag diva was one of those celebrities who condemned the F-word being sung in the classic Christmas song, recommending people to avoid singing it and singing along to it, especially if they are straight, because some of straight people don’t even understand how offensive this word may sound for the members of the gay community. As for queer people, they may sing it, but most of them probably would not want to. Act compared it to the N-word used by black people in rap and hip-hop songs, for them it is okay, but for white people it would be a pure racism. “You can’t go back and delete stuff from history. Like, when they tried to erase the N-word from Huckleberry Finn. You just have to explain to people that we don’t use that language and that there was a time when that language was acceptable… but this is how far we’ve come,” Courtney concluded.


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