Equality reached the Barbie world


A gay couple in San Antonio, Texas, has an idea to launch a limited edition of same-sex Barbie sets. There are Barbie and Ken sets available on the market, but why not Barbie and Barbie or Ken and Ken? TV personality Matt Jacobi and his partner Nick Caprio say they have a meeting with toy company Mattel next week to discuss whether it would be possible to launch this kind of sets. The pair, who are set to marry in May 2019, started the campaign after trying to choose a doll set for Matt’s niece who celebrated her 8th birthday, and they faced unapologetic heteronormativity among toys. Jacobi and Caprio paired up two Ken dolls to create their own gay doll couple for the girl, who was excited that they looked exactly like her uncles. Speaking to local TV station KNXV, Jacobi explained that when searching for the gift, “we wanted it to be meaningful. And we wanted it to be somehow connected to our wedding.” On Instagram, he explained that the birthday girl named Natalie and her sister were chosen to be flower girls on the uncle’s wedding, so they wanted a gift that would mark it.


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