Having a gay friend makes you a better person, researchers say


According to research into LGBT statistics published at Pennsylvania State University people are more likely to be accepting and supportive, in part and especially to LGBT people, if they have a close mental connection with a person that identifies within the LGBT+ spectrum. The data shows that between 2006 and 2010, the amount of support for same-sex marriage among people with a gay or lesbian acquaintance went from 45 percent to 61 percent, according to Penn State News. People usually showed no support to the community if they did not know any of its members in person. Daniel DellaPosta, an assistant professor of sociology who stood behind the research, said that people should not hide their queerness and should not stay in closet because the more visible they are, the more rights they might gain for their community, just by living their lives and meeting people who might have a lesson of acceptance from them.


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