Sarah Silverman vows not to use homophobic slurs anymore


Sarah Silverman has said that she is “done” using homophobic slurs in her comedy, as she was called out for saying ‘That’s so gay’ too many times in her show, adding that as a Boston resident she just got used to such a slang, and she did not even think that it might be understood that she was an opponent of LGBT. She is not, the comedian ensures, emphasizing that she has a number of queer friends. So, not to be misunderstood, she won’t use this phrase in her shows from now on, she believes in her own talent and creative potential to invent the new ways to entertain the audience and to make people laugh without using the words that might sound offensive for some of them. Silverman made the comments to TMZ yesterday, reports, after she received backlash online in the wake of the Kevin Hart Oscars controversy, Nick Canon called out Silverman and other female celebrities for the past tweets with an F-slur that caused no backlash, in comparison to the story with Hart.


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