Scottish lesbian MP hit back a homophobic troll


Scottish National Party (SNP) MP Mhairi Black re-tweeted a post from Twitter user @JamesThornhill, which read: “When I look at you I instantly think, lesbian,” saying that his observational skills are really inspiring (because she actually is a lesbian and she has come out publicly three years ago), but she doubted whether straight women could look at him and make certain conclusions about the kind of person he was.Black’s response has been liked by more than 30,000 people and re-tweeted by over 4,000 users. Black, who became the UK’s youngest MP when she entered Parliament in 2015, has previously spoken out about the homophobic abuse she regularly receives. “I am regularly called a wee boy, and told that I wear my dad’s suits and stuff. Me and my pals actually laugh about it. That is how I cope with it. We find the best insults, and that is how we have a laugh, but I struggle to see any joke in systematically being called a dyke, a rug muncher, a slut, a whore and a scruffy bint. I have been told, ‘You can’t put lipstick on a pig,’ and, ‘Let the dirty bitch eat shit and die’.”


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