The bisexual blind goose Thomas who died earlier this year in New Zealand, is to be honored with a plague


A commemorative plaque has been set up to make people remember the love story between Thomas and Henry, two creatures whose love did not know the obstacles. They were both male, they belonged to different species, one of them was blind, the other one was, if to use human terminology, married (Henry the swan brought up little swans with a female swan Henriette), but regardless of it all they loved each other and stayed together for almost three decades, nothing could keep them apart, except the death. But even though life is short (and the bird life is even shorter than the human one), love is immortal and it should not be forgotten. The memorial plaque was set up next to Thomas the goose’s resting place, reports New Zealand’s news outlet Stuff. Thomas is buried next to Henry, who died 9 years before. The plaque’s message was written by author and social commentator Pinky Agnew. It was unveiled at an informal ceremony. It reads: “Here lies Thomas, the great-hearted goose, nestled near Henry, in their final roost.Here where they raised young and found sanctuary, somewhere above us, great souls fly free.”


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