Canadian Catholic school teachers are officially required to have anti-gay views

Cross and sunset

The Calgary Catholic School district in Canada has come under fire for reportedly asking its teachers to sign documents that suggest same-sex relationships are a breach in order to be employed. One of the teachers who was asked to sign such a contract filed a legal complaint to the Alberta Human Rights Commission. Kristopher Wells, associate professor with the Faculty of Health and Community Studies at MacEwan University, called these contracts visibly discriminatory and believed it to be enough to prove that they were inappropriate. Wells added that the contracts might affect both teaching staff and pupils, creating a very cold environment. “This is not a system that is directly supported by the church. It is a public education system supported by taxpayers,” Wells said, “But there is this ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ mentality that creates feelings of stress, despair, where you have to remain silent to maintain employment. That not only impacts teachers, but it denies LGBTQ youth the important role models they need. Teachers are required to sign a contract that outlines they are to live a “lifestyle and deportment in harmony with Catholic teaching and principles.”


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