Cory Booker commented rumors about his sexuality


The United States Senator from New Jersey hopes to run for presidency from the Democratic party in 2020. Booker, one of the most persistent defenders of LGBT+ rights in the Senate, neither confirmed nor denied being gay, stating that homophobia is a public issue and he should attract people’s attention to this issue in order to tackle it, and as for his own sexuality, it is a personal issue and it should not bother anyone. But speaking to the Philadelphia Inquirer this week, Booker finally addressed the issue, saying that he is actually straight, but there is no need to be a member of some community if you want to defend their rights.“I’m going to run on who I am, whether that’s running for reelection [to the Senate] or running for president. I’ve always trusted the voters enough to evaluate me on the content of my character, quality of my ideas, and my ability to do the job,” he added.


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