Gay man in Singapore wins adoption case


A gay man has won a legal battle in Singapore to be recognized as the father of the child born via surrogacy abroad. The Singapore High Court ruled on Monday that the 46-year-old gay man, whose name cannot be revealed due to legal reasons, now has a right to be legally recognized as a child’s father in documents after legally adopting them, as the lower court’s decision not allowing him to do so was reversed. The child was born in the US in November 2013 and the man was able to bring him to Singapore, being his biological father. But the formal adoption case to legally recognize the child as his own, which started in December 2014, was turned down by a judge last year on the grounds that there are no laws to recognize the rights of same-sex parents. The city state also does not recognize marriage equality and maintains a ban on homosexual acts under the Section 377A law, which was imposed during British colonial rule. But the three-judge appeal court recognized that the case’s specific circumstances placed the child’s wellbeing over the status quo.


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