Kate McKinnon impersonated Ellen to tackle Kevin Hart


Kate McKinnon has stepped into Ellen DeGeneres’s shoes to take a potshot at Kevin Hart on Saturday Night Live. The new skit was devoted to Kevin Hart leaving the post of the Oscar host in the wake of the scandal with homophobic tweets he used to post between 2009 and 2012. So, the famous comedians (impersonated by no less famous comedians from SNL) were auditioning to replace him. Ellen DeGeneres already has an experience of hosting Oscars in behind her (2007), so she could probably do it again, the SNL staff decided, and Kate McKinnon showed how it could be. “I’ll host the Oscars, sure! I haven’t done anything controversial in my life, except for being gay, but people like that now! Well, apart from the guy who was supposed to host.” she quips in the skit. The skit also saw Aidy Bryant pull off a near-perfect impersonation of Please Like Me star Hannah Gadsby with an allusion to her comedy special Nanette. “Oscars host? Who’s it going to be? Lots of tension, who’s going to break the tension? I would host, but in the middle of it, I’d quit hosting. Too much tension,” the character says


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