LGBT charity calendar banned on Facebook for ‘sexual activity’


The calendar by The Naked Rugby Players, which aims to raise money for the testicular cancer charity Balls To Cancer and LGBT+ inclusive rugby, was banned from Facebook and containing sexual activity was cited as a reason for a ban. The calendar reportedly went against Facebook’s community standards on nudity and sexuality activity, which bans showing male and female sex organs, sexual activity, sexually explicit language and female nipples (except in the context of breastfeeding, birth, health and protests).The creators of the calendar denied disobeying Facebook standards.The description on The Naked Rugby Players website reads: “We’ve photographed six inclusive rugby teams from across the UK, wearing nothing more than some sport socks and boots, to bring a little excitement to 2019 whilst at the same time raising money for each inclusive club involved and for the Balls To Cancer charity who promotes awareness of Testicular Cancer in men.”


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