Makeup artist James Charles tells fans to stop chasing him


Openly gay make-up artist, model and YouTuber James Charles has asked fans to respect his privacy and to let him feel safe at least in his own house. The star made the plea in a tweet on Sunday, saying: “I will not hug you, I will not take a photo with you, and I absolutely will not sign your palette”. He went on saying that people who intervene his own space are showing disrespect to him and it frightens him a lot. James Charles is a 19 year old make-up artist, model and internet personality, and is known for being the first male CoverGirl spokesperson as well as for his YouTube videos. After launching his YouTube channel in 2015, he quickly amassed a huge following online. His YouTube channel now has over 11 million subscribers. He also has more than 11 million followers on Instagram and has 2.34 million followers on Twitter.


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