Mass gay wedding in Brazil


Around 40 gay couples have married in a collective ceremony in Sao Paulo in Brazil in a sign of protest against the newly-elected President Jair Bolsonaro, who is so homophobic that he would rather see his own child dead than gay and who will probably try his best to make same-sex marriages illegal, so the gay Brazilians took the last chance to tie the knot as long as they are legally allowed to do it, according to the report from Associated Press. Gay marriage has been legal in Brazil since May 2013, but there are fears Bolsonaro may roll back rights when he takes office in the beginning of 2019. Bolsonaro has been making headlines across the world for many years for his comments, many of which have been focused on the LGBT+ community. Dozens of couples exchanged vows during the ceremony held at Casa1, an NGO that provides support to disadvantaged LGBT youth. The organisation raised almost $12,000 to cover expenses as part of a campaign to hold the ceremony in light of the “political situation”. “It’s our way of raising the flag for our rights in this new setting,” Lais Risatto, an NGO member, told AP.


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