Northern Ireland has the lowest ratings of same-sex adoptions

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Just 30 couples have applied to adopt in Northern Ireland, and just two have been approved, regardless of that fact that the law allowing same-sex couples to adopt children has been enacted in the country 5 years ago. BBC News reports that the success rate for same-sex couples who apply to adopt in the region is just one in 15, while in the rest of the U&K the success rates are 50/50. In the rest of the UK, 481 same-sex couples applied to adopt and 235 of them had their application approved and their children are now living with them officially. A Department of Health spokesperson told the BBC that the lower success rate may be because the adoption process can take several years to complete, and some adopters might still be in the process as the law was only amended in 2013, in comparison to the rest of the UK that approved it in 2005-2006. What makes this issue even more problematic is that Northern Ireland remains the only part of the UK where same-sex marriages are not recognized.


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