Scottish Catholic Church promotes ‘gay cure therapy’


The Catholic Diocese of Paisley, led by Bishop John Keenan, has come under fire for promoting so-called ‘gay cure therapy’ practices. ne pamphlet hosted on the church website, “Mom & Dad I’m Gay – How Should a Catholic Parents Respond,” encourages parents to pray for their children to be ‘cured’ from homosexuality and if the prayer does not help then they recommend to apply for the specialists’ help. The resources refer parents to disgraced US-based gay ‘cure’ advocate group National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH), which claims that all gay people were sexually abused in childhood and homosexuality is a consequence of such abuse, they label homosexuality as a sexual disorder. The diocese also advertises a local Paisley branch of Courage International, a global Catholic gay ‘cure’ network that works with “men and women with same-sex attractions” to encourage them to live according to the Catholic teachings, in part from the point of view of sexuality.


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