UK Census will be extended to include questions about gender and sexuality


The next Census in the UK in 2021 might include questions on sexual orientation and gender identity, as it was recommended by the British government in a special paper released on Friday, December 14, and it will be a historic addition, because the national census has never included this kind of questions before. The government strongly recommends the Office of National Statistics (ONS) to gather more accurate data about the LGBT+ community of the UK. Including a question about sexual orientation would support work in policy development and service provision for the LGBT+ community, according to the report. The question will be asked to Brits aged 16 and older and they won’t be obliged to answer it if they prefer to keep their sexuality in secret (though according to the preliminary research, the majority of British population believe it to be completely acceptable to be asked about their sexuality).The report also recommends a new question on gender identity, and notes that there is “a requirement for information on the transgender population.” It goes on to say that it is important to collect information about the number of trans and non-binary citizens, as well as not to leave the trans and non-binary community behind as the question about sex includes only binary sex markers and means the biological sex the person ois assigned and registered with.


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