Warwick University society criticized for Facebook poll about gender binary


The Warwick PPL (Politics, Philosophy and Law) Society came under fire for reportedly asking followers: “Is gender binary, or it is a spectrum?” The poll was taken down from the society’s Facebook page in the wake of backlash from students, who called the poll inappropriate and offensive. The co-president of Warwick PPL Society told The Warwick Tab: “By publishing the poll we sought to facilitate rigorous academic discussion, and facilitate open, honest, and respectful discussion and debate in the comments below. Free speech is something the PPL Society strongly believes in, and so the SU’s post has left us, among many others, disappointed.” According to figures released by Stonewall, around 42 percent of LGBT+ students said that they have hidden their gender identity or sexual orientation while at university in case they received a hostile reaction from their fellow students or teaching staff.


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