Andy Cohen talks about ‘eskimo brotherhood’ with Anderson Cooper


US talk show host Andy Cohen has said that he and CNN journalist Anderson Cooper are “eskimo brothers” in a segment on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. Anderson Cooper appeared in the same segment so the two colleagues and longtime friends could be quizzed about how well they know each other.Bailey asked the pair to name one thing about the two of them that most people wouldn’t know. Cohen immediately responded: “That we’re eskimo brothers.” Being asked about the meaning of it, Cohen responded that it is available in Urban Dictionary and he would not say it on TV. According to Urban Dictionary eskimo brothers means two people who have a common ex lover. Both Cohen and Cooper are gay, so it could be possible, but there are still debates whether Cohen’s choice of words was appropriate. When Cooper said he didn’t know if they were “eskimo brothers,” Cohen reiterated they are, and said they found out “a few weeks ago.”


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