Gus Kenworthy and Donald Trump’s Twitter battle


The President of the United States wrote on Twitter that “the outside world [is] blowing up around us, Paris is burning and China way down.” And the openly gay skier replied that words ‘Paris is burning’ (which also serve as a name of a famous LGBT-themed film) are the only words that come from Trump in support of LGBT, but he probably does not even know about it. The followers of Gus applauded him for such an irony and supported it using the quotes from the drag-themed movie addressing Trump. One fan wrote: “I’d say the library is open, but we know he can’t read.” Another said: “Well done Gus. Welcome to The House of LaBeija,” while many others wrote that, as we all know, “reading is fundamental.” A different tweeter pointed out that Trump would “bite his tongue if he knew he was talking about drag queens.” Other users reacted directly to Trump, either with anger or laughter, with one telling him: “Take PARIS IS BURNING out of your damn mouth.”


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