Jackie Chan’s daughter thinks she is mature enough to marry


Etta Ng married Andi Autumn in November in Canada, and faced a lot of criticism because she is just 19. But Etta sees no reason to wait because she has already found a perfect person and can’t wait to spend life with her. She is young, but she is not a kid and she knows exactly what she does. She also responded to the reaction from some fans, who suggested that her new wife is with her only because Etta is rich. But she is not as wealthy as people think because her father estranged from her and they have never communicated. He commented her coming out and supported her in being who she truly is, but they have never been as close as a father and a daughter should be. The woman also opened up about what it’s like to have a famous parent, saying: “Once I was born, everyone knew who I was. I don’t even know who I am. Everyone is looking at me and waiting to see how I die or how I end up.” Etta Ng also said that it was stressful being Jackie Chan’s daughter, and that children at school used to bully her, so being bloodily related to a celebrity of such level has more minuses than pluses


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