Netflix angers fans by straightwashing Saint Seiya remake


Netflix has changed the gender of a queer character in its remake of classic anime Saint Seiya, so that they were not queer anymore.The original show, which ended in 1989 after three years on Japanese TV, focused on the adventures of five Earth-defending Bronze Saints. One of them was Shun, who was open about his emotions, proudly dressed in pink armor, and refused to fight unless completely necessary. But in the Netflix remake that is to come in 2019 Shun is a girl. The Netflix show’s writer, Eugene Son, has taken responsibility for the decision. “This one is all on me,” he wrote in a Twitter thread posted on December 8, noting that he was bothered that there were no female main characters, and at least one of them should have his gender changed, and with Shun it was the easiest to do it because he is already very feminine.


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