Lesbian-themed media massively condemn violence against trans women


Top lesbian media outlets have come together to publish an open letter condemning anti-trans hate crimes and asking transphobic activists not to use lesbians as arguments in their rhetoric, as they often do, though it is completely irrational. Lesbians are not against trans women and trans women create no threat for lesbians. Moreover, some trans women are lesbians, the most famous example is youtuber Gigi Gorgeous. “DIVA, Curve, Autostraddle, LOTL, Tagg and Lez Spread The Word believe that trans women are women and that trans people belong in our community. We do not think supporting trans women erases our lesbian identities; rather we are enriched by trans friends and lovers, parents, children, colleagues and siblings,” the letter reads, ensuring the T part of the LGBT that they can always count on solidarity and support from the L part, together we are stronger.


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