Miley Cyrus is completely satisfied with her relationships


The pansexual pop star took to Instagram on Sunday to respond to a meme posted by SourPsycho about five characteristics that men supposedly can’t possess at the same time. “No man has all 5: good d**k game, empathy, a height above 5ft 9, no hoes, common sense,” it reportedly read. But Cyrus added that she knew the man who had it all – her groom-to-be Liam Hemsworth, and this is why she fell in love with him, and this is why they are getting back together over and over again after numerous breakups. So, she ensured her followers who are seeking a perfect man not to give up and not to stop believing, because if she could find a perfect man, then they exist and it is possible to find them. Miley previously said of Liam that if she was asked three years ago whether she was happy, she would definitely say that she was, but now she is much happier than she has ever been and she knows that it is possible for her to be happier and happier with this man because while some relationships make people lose themselves, Liam helps Miley to find herself


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