School teacher is dismissed for saying that a trans pupil freaks him out


An assistant principal at Liberty High School in West Virginia has been suspended amid allegations he bullied a trans boy and forced him to use an urinal to prove he was a real man and to let him watch it. As the boy tried to run away, the teacher blocked the doorway not to let him out. Lee Livengood, the assistant principal at the Clarksburg school, does not admit bullying trans boy Michael Critchfield. According to WV News, Livengood was suspended with pay on Tuesday for the remainder of the semester—which only lasts another four days. The ACLU said this was not punishment enough. The ACLU said the four-day suspension was “not sufficient” and has also asked the school district to investigate whether the teaching straff treat trans pupils with the respect they deserved and whether the incident with Michael was the only one particularly for Mr. Livegood. According to the ACLU complaint filed to the school district, Michael’s parents, Caroline and Jon Critchfield, met with school administrators about the incident. However, the complaint alleges that administrators at the school refused to call the boy by his preferred name, Michael, used his birth name over the intercom system and told him he couldn’t use the boys’ bathroom.


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