Gay referee from Zimbabwe was allowed to stay in the UK


After being outed against his will in the local press, the football judge from the extremely homophobic African country ran to the UK for safety and now he is officially allowed to stay there. Raymond Mashamba, 30, was reportedly being blackmailed after a friend in Bulawayo found out about his relationship with a man, while the referee was officiating the CONIFA World Football Cup in June 2018. The relationships were revealed to the local community and as a consequence the national newspaper outed him as gay to the whole country. Mushamba made an asylum claim in Britain, where the tournament was being held, stating it would be unsafe for him to return to Zimbabwe because this country still criminalizes homosexuality. I have to thank everyone for being there for me. The titans, CONIFA and AFC Muswell Hill in particular have been so supportive. I now want to continue with my studies and also my refereeing. I also want to continue to fight for LGBT rights for people in Zimbabwe,’ the man told Sky News.


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