Rose McGowan & Rain Dove believe the song ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ promotes assault


Actor Rose McGowan and non-binary model Rain Dove have teamed up to re-enact a modern version of “Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” illustrating how controversial the lyrics of the song were, even though in 1944, when the song came out, people hardly realized it. In the video, Dove’s character can be seen attempting to persuade McGowan, who plays the woman in the song, to stay over at their place. As the narrative continues, Dove becomes increasingly persistent in their attempts to stop McGowan leaving, though Rose says ‘no’ and resists.At the end of the video, Dove forces themselves on McGowan, who looks uncomfortable, and forcefully kisses her. The two are in relationships in real life. Dove is non-binary and uses they\them pronouns. McGowan also said she is not 100% female, but is fine with female pronouns.


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