Colombian court decided that trans identity is not an excuse for murder


A Colombian court has convicted a man for the crime of femicide after he murdered a trans woman. This is the first time when the femicide law is applied to the murder of transgender person in Colombia. Colombia introduced the Rosa Elvira Cely law in 2015, naming it after the woman raped and murdered in a Bogota park in 2012. The aim of it is to tackle hate crimes against women. It is written in the law that homophobic and transphiobic crimes against women are rtaken into consideration, but the law has never been applied to transgender women before. In February 2017, Davinson Stiven Erazo Sánchez shot and killed trans woman named Anyela Claros Ramos after months of threatening her life. Sánchez’s conviction is the second for the femicide of a trans woman in all of South America. In June this year, an Argentinian court convicted two men of femicide for the violent murder of trans advocate, Diana Sacayán in 2015. The Court ruled Sacayán’s murderers killed her because she was trans and actively campaigned for trans rights.


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