India’s lower parliament house forbade gay surrogacy


India’s LGBTI community has denounced a new surrogacy bill that limits surrogacy motherhood to officially married couples in the country, which means that same-sex couples willing to use surrogacy will be banned from doing so because India does not approve same-sex marriages. The bill limits the practice to infertile couples who have been legally married fin India for more than five years. If passed by the upper house it would ban commercial surrogacy and allow only ‘altruistic surrogacy’ for heterosexual couples though a ‘close relative’. There is a special point in the bill that does not allow foreign citizens to hire surrogate mothers in India. Many women and LGBTI rights activists welcomed regulation of the industry. But, they said, the bill should place more emphasis should on the rights of the surrogate. Provisions should be made for same-sex couples to access surrogacy or adoption, they said. Lawmaker Kakoli Ghosh called for the bill to include same-sex couples during the parliamentary debate, according to the Tribune India.


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