Lesbian couple had their Pride flag stolen, but their neighbors flew dozens more in support


Casey Handal and Zadette Rosado realised on December 9 that the rainbow flag flying in their backyard had been taken and replaced with an American flag. The police did not see any criminal offence in the incident, leaving the women to investigate it by themselves. As they questioned neighbors whether anybody had seen the thug, they inspired them on a lovely supportive gesture. In response, high school social worker Kimberly Filian announced on the app that she had bought 48 (!) rainbow flags to rise them up high in every house of the neighborhood to show that their community support the queer community and these particular women. Several dozen neighbors have also volunteered to act as Secret Santas, dropping off gifts like candy, mugs and socks for the women and their two girls – Payton (9) and Reese (7). The couple is going to tie the knot at the New Year’s Eve, we hope that all the neighbors are invited.


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