Mormon comedian Stacey Harkey comes out as gay to save teens from suicide


Stacey Harkey, a 30-year-old living in Provo, Utah, is well known for being a star of the sketch comedy group Studio C. – the Mormon, conservative, family-friendly variation of Saturday Night Live. Harkey posted the announcement on Facebook, saying that his private life is his private life and he would never like to discuss publicly whom he sleeps with, but he comes out to show millions of LGBT kids that a boy loving a boy or a girl loving a girl is not wrong or sinful, it is not a reason to harm, hurt and kill yourself, God loves us a;ll and we are all precious in His eyes. He knows about the backlash he might face in his Mormon community, but he is not going to reject a part of who he is. ‘Did you know there are soo many people in this community that are soo scared and unsupported that they feel the BEST alternative to living is death? So many people are living quiet lives afraid and unsure of themselves and I’m coming out for them,’ he wrote.


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