Outsports named Adam Rippon the person of the year


Outsports named Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon their Person of the Year on Thursday (20 December) as he is the only openly gay American make athlete to be awarded with an Olympic medal at Winter Olympics. ‘Today Rippon is charting a course virtually unheard of in the sports world’ wrote Outsports as they announced the award, ‘He has used his unabashed wit, handsome smile, and unending determination to forge a path for himself that is shaping up to be unlike anything we’ve seen from a former athlete’. This year, Rippon has also made headlines by winning Dancing with the Stars and appearing with in an episode of Will and Grace. He announced that he is going to retire from sport. He loves skating and will skate forever, but not on the professional level, it is too exhausting. He was ready to do it for his big


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