Trans woman imprisoned for infecting men with HIV has her sentence reduced


A trans woman convicted of transmitting HIV has had her sentenced reduced. She has also been moved to a protection unit as she is in a male prison. Prior to her sentencing she spent nine months in a maximum security men’s prison. During that time she was denied access to treatment she needed for transition, she was deadnamed, misgendered and forbidden to wear female clothes. The court in the Australian state of Western Australia (WA) jailed Palmer to six years in jail. But this week a court of appeals slashed the sentence to four years.Palmer, 40, took her case to the WA Court of Appeal, arguing the six year sentence was too harsh. The Appeal Judges agreed and Palmer will now be eligible for parole in April, 2019. In their ruling the judges noted the prison moved her from its Crisis Care Unit to a Special Protection Unit. ‘The conditions of prisoners housed in the SPU are less restrictive than those in the CCU,’ the judges said in the ruling, promising to give her access to gender-neutral bathrooms ands female underwear.


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