What is the situation with anti-LGBT hate crimes across the UK?


A new report from BBC Three revealed the statistics of hate crimes nationwide for past 4 years. Homophobic-based hate crimes have also seen an increase, though not nearly as dramatic. For these crimes, they’ve risen by 66% in the same four-year period. Transphobic hate crime rates are 1.5 times higher than they used to be 4 years ago.Further, homophobic hate crimes resulting in a charge against the assailant(s) have dropped. In 2014, nearly one in four (23%) of these hate crimes led to a charge. Last year, however, only one in eight (13%) led to a charge. Since 2014, a total of 70 children under the age of 13 were reported for homophobic or transphobic hate crimes. A number of these children were under the age of seven at the time, the majority of homophobic hate crimes are committed by youth, no older than 30. As for transphobic hate crimes, the average age line is even lower, these crimes are committed by teens and young adults in the majority of cases .


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