French artists give profits from a new single to LGBT charities


As many as 70 chart topping French singers have released a new single called De l’Amour to tackle homophobia. The
song tells a real story of gay refugee named Azamat, who could escape his homophobic Muslim country thanking to the Fremch charities.The song was released this week as a download. All proceeds from its sales will go to French charity Urgence Homophobie (Emergency Homophobia). Among the artists volunteering to sing on the track and appear in an evocative video were Emmanuel Moire, Christophe Willem and Muriel Robin. Emmanuel Moire was one of a number of performers who faced a lot of homophobia in real life, and that is why he believes that it is important to tell such stories. Other stars on the track include Christiane Taubira, Marc-Olivier Fogiel, Elodie Frégé, Vincent Dedienne, Camille Cottin, Alex Lutz, Amanda Lear, Elise Lucet, Valérie Damidot, Karine Le Marchand, Daphne Burki, Laurent Ruquier, Christophe Beaugrand, Zabou, Agnès Jaoui, Laura Smet, Amir, Amel Bent, Romane Bohringer, Liliane Rovère and Stéfi Celma.


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