Gareth Thomas made friends with a homeless person


Former Wales rugby player Gareth Thomas, who came out as gay in 2011, as he retired from sport, said that he had met a homeless man almost every day on the streets of Cardiff. At first he ignored him, then he became curious about his story, and finally he decided to get acquainted with him. “Everyday I pass this man, I buy him coffee, I talk to him, I give him some money,” he wrote on Twitter, adding that the man does not waste monbney given by Thomas – he has bought waterproof clothes to survive the rain. The sportsman added that even though this man is homeless, he is his friend no matter what and he is happy that he has him in his life. Indeed, we don’t know why people are falling down, but it is possible for us to help them to rise up – just a little bit of love and kindness can change lives.


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