Indian films became more LGBT-inclusive, but there is a long way to go


The Times of India has reported that upcoming actor Rajkummar Rao will play a gay man in a new film that is going to be released net year. The Film, Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga, literally translates as ‘This is how I felt when I saw one girl’ and it is going to be on screens in February. It deals with sensitive issues such as inter-faith relationships and infidelity. However, the Times of India reported that there has been much speculation the movie would also deal with LGBT issues and the life of a gay man in the country. If so, it will be the first major Bollywood release to feature a gay character since the government of the country repealed the Colonial-era law that criminalized gay sex. The new movie, though, is not a full LGBTI feature, and sadly such things remain a tough sell in India’s hugely lucrative cinema industry.


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