Lesbian penguins are to be parents after 8 years together


Thelma and Louise are two female penguins who first met in Auckland’s Kelly Tarlton’s aquarium and bonded eight years ago.The King penguins had several attempts too be united with males to mate, but always came back to each other, like telling the zoo staff that love is love and there is nothing to be done with it. And, apparently after one of such ‘cheats’ with a male, Thelma laid an egg. This chick is going to be the second for the couple – they previously adopted an egg from another female who was abandoned by her partner and could not cope with the egg alone. Louise is taking care of the new egg as if it’s her own, the zoo workers explain, adding that the two have the natural instinct of reproduction, they know how to take care about the eggs and they can’t wait to welcome their biological chick, even though at the moment it is impossible to confirm that the egg is fertilized


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